Systems Integration


As part of our armoured vehicle design and production service, we integrate a range of systems into the armoured vehicles we design and manufacture. This is usually part of the initial specification, and we can work with the systems you supply, or direct with your equipment supplier to ensure rapid and efficient installation.

Our installations can use several kilometres of wiring! See our infographic on a recent systems integration project

Our Dedicated Systems Engineering Team Can Work Across Any Systems, and Most Often Handle the Following:

  • Electronic Counter Measures Integration: Integration of ECM systems within platforms requires a deep understanding of the technology, its operation and the susceptibility of the host platform. From racking to cable runs and antennae, we work with customer-supplied equipment or directly with your preferred suppliers to integrate the system within your vehicle.
  • Communications Equipment: With most customers and vehicles requiring a slightly different communications system, we can package, design and install the relevant cabling, stowage and antennas to provide a fit that maximises vehicle space and operational usability.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC): As part of our in-house capability, we can assess the EMC impacts of systems added to vehicles and provide design and hardware solutions to minimise effects to customer standards and requirements.