Armoured Vehicle

Armoured Vehicle Design


Complete Armoured Vehicle Expertise

Why limit the scope of your armoured vehicle design? With our ability to access the right materials for the job, and experience in scalable in-house design and development, we have the expertise to deliver protected vehicles to customers across all military, B2B, NGO and law enforcement sectors.

Working to Your Speed

As agile, adaptable manufacturers, we work alongside you to deliver an armoured vehicle solution that you can rely on. Whether a single vehicle or a large fleet, our specialist teams design, test, build, deliver and support your vehicle requirements from start to finish.

See how we discreetly armoured a VIP protection vehicle

Our Services Include:

  • Scalable solutions: ranging from conceptual design feasibility to full vehicle design, build, qualification and production.
  • Material selection: concept analysis and material specification from a database of technologies matched against vehicle level technical requirements. Because we are not a material supplier, we design independent and programme-conscious solutions that meet budgets, timelines and geographical production needs.
  • Tailored programmes: to meet customer timeline and end needs.
  • End-to-end solution: expertise in armouring and ground vehicles allows us to offer a service which transforms a standard vehicle chassis into a complete end product.
  • Production partner: production facilities around the world, staffed by trained and experienced personnel who are able to support the ramp up or full-rate production of armoured cabs and components and or complete vehicles.