Tactical Civilian
Armoured Vehicles

Tactical Civilian Armoured Vehicles

Tactical Civilian Armoured vehicles – More than protection

We are a world leading supplier of civilian armoured vehicles. Whilst our core product caters to a wide market need, Jankel has used its in-depth knowledge of both the platform and its customer base to turn the traditional CAV into a vehicle with real tactical advantage.

Please contact us to learn more about our tactical CAV including the full suite of options available for the platform.

Alongside our Innovative Hot-formed Armour Technology, Jankel Has Developed a Vehicle That Provides:

  • Scalable ballistic protection including VR9 and STANAG 4569 Level 2 solutions
  • Fully configurable internal layout including discrete weapon and equipment stowage
  • Significantly enhanced power generation and distribution capabilities
  • Offensive return of fire solutions
  • Enhanced safety and escape solutions
  • Enhanced payload and bespoke stowage