Tactical Ambulance

Light Tactical Ambulance – A modular, in-field medical vehicle

The Light Tactical Ambulance (LTA) is a module variant of the LTTV.  The ambulance features a fully enclosed and sealed rear compartment design that accommodates stretchered and non-stretchered occupants and provides a clinical white space suitable for in-field medics.

The vehicle is modular by design, and uses aircraft rail-style mounting systems to allow stretcher, seating and internal equipment to be located according to user need.

The ambulance is based on the Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG, and has common features with the Jankel LTTV allowing these vehicles to not only work in parallel but also be interchangeable with each other.

The LTA is soon to be in service with the Belgian Special Forces and can be modified to other user configurations.

The Vehicle Offers:

  • Commonality with the LTTV system architecture.
  • Power distribution and supply for on board comms and equipment.
  • 2 x removable stretcher loading systems
  • 2 x fully functional medic seats.
  • Folding and removable rear access ladder
  • Modular armour protection to STANAG 4569 Level 1 (blast and ballistic).
  • Internal aircraft rail system for customer specified system install.