Light Tactical
Transport Vehicle

Light Troop Transport Vehicle

Light Tactical Transport Vehicle – Evolving light tactical vehicle modularity

The Jankel LTTV delivers a multi-role platform which benefits from a removable ballistic protection kit, interoperability with the FOX fleet of vehicles and a fully integrated suite of military sub-systems including Roll Over Protection System (ROPS), weapon mounts, a communications fit and removable mission modules.

Based on the Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG, the LTTV offers a high mobility platform configured and mission ready.

download the LTTV Spec Sheet

The LTTV is Soon to be in Service with the Belgian Special Forces and has Been Configured for Ease of Modification:

  • Configurable and removable mission modules including Special Operations, Logistics, Troop Transport, Ambulance and Mortar
  • Removable blast and ballistic protection
  • C130 and A400 Transportable, with collapsible ROPS
  • Fitted with smoke grenade launcher systems
  • Heavy weapon fits including M2, M3M and customer specified weapons
  • Plug and play communication fits for ease of mission module fleet interoperability
  • A European homologated platform
  • Fully configurable rear seating and load bed area