Light Tactical
Transport Vehicle

Light Troop Transport Vehicle

Light Tactical Transport Vehicle – Evolving light tactical vehicle modularity

The Jankel LTTV delivers a multi-role platform which benefits from a removable ballistic protection kit, interoperability with the FOX fleet of vehicles and a fully integrated suite of military sub-systems including Roll Over Protection System (ROPS), weapon mounts, a communications fit and removable mission modules.

Based on the Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG, the LTTV offers a high mobility platform configured and mission ready.

The LTTV is Soon to be in Service with the Belgian Special Forces and has Been Configured for Ease of Modification:

  • Configurable and removable mission modules including Special Operations, Logistics, Troop Transport, Ambulance and Mortar
  • Removable blast and ballistic protection
  • C130 and A400 Transportable, with collapsible ROPS
  • Fitted with smoke grenade launcher systems
  • Heavy weapon fits including M2, M3M and customer specified weapons
  • Plug and play communication fits for ease of mission module fleet interoperability
  • A European homologated platform
  • Fully configurable rear seating and load bed area