Rapid Reaction

Rapid Reaction Vehicle

JANKEL Fox RRV – Air Transportable. Mission Ready.

The JANKEL FOX Rapid Reaction Vehicle (RRV) has been built to meet ever-changing operational requirements. Agility and flexibility are the hallmarks of the RRV’s success, providing enhanced off-road mobility, increased weight carrying capacity and the ability to move vehicles between operational sites by air.

The RRV is a mission-ready, in-service vehicle supporting NATO operations. The vehicle features an open architecture for 360° visibility and maximum situational awareness, with modular ballistic and blast protection kits as required.

The RRV benefits from:

  • A fully modular design, allowing for customer specified equipment.
  • European homologation, allowing the vehicle to operate safely on the road.
  • National Stock Numbering for ease of support and maintenance.
  • A fully modular, add-on armour system protecting to STANAG 4569 Level 1 Blast and Ballistic.
  • High levels of mobility, power and torque.
  • A commercial base platform, highly durable and supported in excess of 15 years.

“JANKEL FOX RRV In service, supporting the Belgian Ministry of Defence Special Operations.”