Long Range
Patrol Vehicle

Long Range
Patrol Vehicle

Fox LRPV – Operational effectiveness for extended missions

The FOX LRPV has been designed for reliability and performance over long-range missions. Using one of the world’s most reliable base platforms, the LRPV is built for manoeuvrability, making it ideal for a number of roles including surveillance, reconnaissance, fire support, force protection, convoy support and urban operations.

The FOX LRPV has been engineered to undertake military missions of up to 10 days or 1,500km, making it the ideal choice for missions where additional or unanticipated action is required.

FOX LRPV in service and supporting the French Special Operations as the VPS2, Jankel Fox by Masstech.

The FOX LRPV benefits from:

  • Longevity and durability with over 500 vehicles in service globally.
  • Modularity and flexibility – fully configurable to user needs.
  • Significant payload capacity.
  • Simple, reliable and supportable running gear.
Download the LRPV Spec Sheet