Light Utility

Light Utility Vehicle 

JANKEL FOX Light Utility Vehicle – Affordable utility on a versatile platform

The JANKEL FOX LUV has been developed as a leading militarised utility vehicle and provides a versatile, lightweight load-carrying platform for personnel, kit and equipment.

With an open architecture allowing for multi-role use whilst maximising payload, this vehicle is suited to all light-weight, configurable logistical needs.

The JANKEL FOX LUV complements and supports the other JANKEL FOX fleet variants and includes upgrades from Jankel that transform the commercial platform into an essential part of your logistical line-up.

Engine performance, braking, suspension and electrical systems are designed to enhance off-road performance and improve speed and operational capability without reducing reliability. Suitable for use across all your operations by active and support personnel, the JANKEL FOX LUV does the job robustly and uncompromisingly.

Configurations include:

  • Personnel transport
  • Cargo transport
  • Mobile workshop
  • Water/fuel carrier
  • Mortar platform