Weapon Stowage

Preferred solutions for weapons storage

Our Universal Weapon Stowage system is a UK Ministry of Defence preferred solution, and is designed to provide a flexible way to securely stow standard weapons.

This System is Currently Installed Across a Number of High-profile Programmes and Allows for Easy Installation Into a Range of Tactical and Operational Vehicles. The System is Fully Adaptable and Currently Approved For:

  • SA80 (L22) Carbine
  • C8 (SFW) Carbine
  • SA80 (UOR) and UGL Rifle
  • SA80 (L86) LSW
  • SA80 (UOR) Rifle
  • SA80 (L85) Rifle
  • Minimi LMG

Jankel’s Weapon Stowage Benefits From:

  • Simple push-pin adjustability
  • Secure stowage, tested for off-road driving conditions
  • Modular and customisable, allowing for varied mounting in tight space claims