Fast, flexible, modular protection kit

Our Universal Modular Armoured Protection Installation Kit (MAPIK) has been specially developed to meet customer requirements for a portable, lightweight and retrofittable protection solution for vehicle occupants.

Flexible Protection Solution

Thoroughly tested at our dedicated facilities in the UK, and currently used in more than 450 applications worldwide, Jankel MAPIK solutions are affordable, easy to fit and provide vital additional protection.

Universal MAPIK Contains a Kit of Armour Configurable to any Vehicle. Key Benefits Include:

  • Protection for occupants (1-5) and designed for zonal discreet protection
  • Lightweight composite materials are used to give protection at various levels dependent on threat
  • The kit requires no special tools or equipment for installation
  • Modularity allows for traditional use within the vehicle, but also secondary use as personal protection or shields
  • Universal MAPIK is stowed in tailor-made carry bags allowing commercial flight and discreet transportation

Building on the Technology Used For the Universal MAPIK. Jankel Also Provides MAPIK Configured to Exact User Needs and in a Variety of Settings, Including:

  • SUVs
  • Saloons
  • Trucks
  • Helicopters