Complex and configurable turret seating

Jankel Turret seats are completely configurable for integration into turrets of both tracked and wheeled platforms across light, medium and heavy military vehicles.

Design and Manufacturing Expertise

Jankel has unrivalled expertise in designing and building general-purpose turret seating, taking them from design to prototype to full-rate production. Harnessing components and technology from Jankel’s BLASTech seating range, Jankel’s Turret seats are proven, reliable and in service globally.

These seats are often highly bespoke, but can also be produced in volume as required. They can be produced at our own sites in the UK, USA or Middle East, or built in-country for your convenience and to utilise local supply chains and meet local requirements.

Read about our latest bespoke turret seat project here or contact us for more information.

Working with Key Customers Including Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems, Jankel Successfully Completed Extensive Verification Programmes to a Set of Bespoke Requirements, Ensuring and Providing Seating Solutions for a Variety of Theatres of Operation. Jankel’s Turret Seats are Often:

  • Bespoke –with complex sets of functionality requirements.
  • Highly modular and functional – requiring large amounts of vertical height adjustment, complex features such as a CASEVAC removable seat pan and a flip up perch seat for heads-out vision.

Key Features Can Include:

  • Flexible mounting (side/rear/roof)
  • Fold-up seat base options
  • Footrest options
  • Adjustable headrest
  • CASEVAC seat pan release options
  • Large height adjustment range for Commander heads-out
  • Fore/aft seat pan options
  • Flip up perch seat option for heads-out
  • Vibration attenuation options
  • Easily accessible stowage options, mounted to the seat
  • Harness options – 4-point, 5-point, inertia or fixed
  • Tibia protection footpad options