Troop Transport

Lightweight and versatile troop seating

Harnessing expertise in improving ride comfort and occupant safety, Jankel has designed and developed a lightweight, versatile, Troop Transport seat for use in light, medium and heavy tracked and wheeled platforms, where space and weight saving is critical.

Maximised Comfort Ergonomics for Prolonged Periods

The Troop Transport seat has been developed for integration into both enclosed and open tactical military platforms, specifically for troop carrying purposes. Configured for ease of mounting in all travel directions, the lightweight design incorporates solutions to combat whole body vibration and to improve the ride comfort and safety of the occupant.

Entirely modular in design, the Troop Transport seat can be tailored with bespoke options to meet exact user and operational requirements.

Key Features Include:

  • Flexible mounting (wall and floor)
  • A lightweight modular construction – 11kg total weight
  • Side and head bolster support
  • Quick mounting and release mechanisms
  • Integrated 4-point harness restraint
  • Supporting frame option
  • Spring assisted, ergonomically designed fold-up seat base
  • Anti-vibration mounts to increase ride comfort
  • Integrated weapon mount option
  • Footrest options
  • Seat pan storage compartment option
  • Camelbak comfort feature option
  • Trim colour change (customer specified)