Compact driver protection

Jankel Driver seats have been specifically designed for the tight spaces of driver compartments, driver position and front seats of tracked platforms and are suitable for light, medium and heavy military vehicles.

These seats are available off-the-shelf with modifications, or can be made entirely bespoke to your vehicle platform – we can manufacture in-country to suit your needs, or at our production facilities in the UK, USA or Middle East.

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With Extensive Experience Across a Range of Wheeled and Tracked Military Vehicle Platforms, We Understand the Constraints of Driving Compartments and The Need to Offer Reliable Protection from Blasts, Ensuring that your Drivers are as Comfortable as Possible Whilst Operating the Vehicle. That’s Why our Driver Seats Offer:

  • Flexible mounting (side/rear)
  • Flip-down seat back (CASEVAC)
  • Fore/Aft adjustment
  • Height adjustment
  • Trim options
  • Vibration attenuation options
  • Easily accessible stowage options, mounted to the seat
  • Harness options – 4 or 5-point, inertia or fixed, complying with all safety standards