BLASTech Crew

Optimised Crew Protection

BLASTech Crew seats have been ergonomically optimised for drivers, commanders, operators and gunners worldwide. Configurable to meet your exact operational requirements, BLASTech Crew seats are designed for integration into both wheeled and tracked light, medium and heavy military vehicles.

Enhanced Crew Survivability

Based on our leading blast mitigation technology, BLASTech Crew seats are available off-the-shelf and in volume. Our seats have been designed for high-volume production capability and can be manufactured at one of our production facilities in the UK, US or Middle East, or at a specified in-country facility to suit your requirements.

As standard, our seats are tested in accordance with AEP-55 Vol 2 and have passed the injury criteria required at extreme at high delta Vs equivalent to STANAG levels 4+*. The seats have been tested both in live blast vehicle events and in laboratory settings using a drop tower, and independently tested at reputable and accredited test facilities including DSTL, UK MOD, DSTO, ARL, TACOM, CSIR, IABG, and C-DND.

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Our BLASTech Crew Seat Offers:

  • Flexible mounting options (floor/roof/rear)
  • Fore/aft adjustment
  • Height adjustment
  • Winged, adjustable and removable headrest and supportive side bolsters
  • Automatic weight adjustment (to accommodate 5th – 95th %ile occupants)
  • Automatic reset mechanism (to protect during the slam down event)
  • Harness options – 4 or 5-point, intertia or fixed, complying with all safety standards
  • Camelbak insert option
  • Trim options
  • Vibration attenuation options
  • Easily accessible stowage options, mounted to the seat
  • Tibia protecting footpad options