Hunter Tactical
Intervention Vehicle

Hunter Tactical Intervention Vehicle

Affordable tactical intervention on a versatile protected platform

Providing versatility and protection for counter-terrorist and law enforcement missions, the Hunter Tactical Intervention Vehicle (TIV) incorporates a Tactical Intervention System (TIS) mounted on the standard Hunter PPV platform, and is designed to fulfil a variety of tactical intervention roles at height for specialist user groups.

Currently in use around the world by various internal security forces and government organisations, the Hunter TIV can be purchased with variants and specification options available off the shelf, or can be easily configured to meet exact specialist user group requirements.

With a Capacity for Eight Occupants – Two in the Front and Six in the Rear – and with Left- or Right-hand Drive Options, the Hunter TIV is Protected to the Below Standards:

  • Ballistic protection standard offering: Level B6
  • Underbody blast protection standard offering: 2 x DM51 hand grenades
  • Higher protection packages are available upon request

An extensive list of options is available, including gun ports, protection grilles, a protected patrol hatch set into the roof of the vehicle, military lighting, and communications installations.

Enhanced Tactical Operational Effectiveness
The Hunter TIV incorporates either a hydraulic or manual ramp and ladder system, which can be removed and stored when not in use, providing operational flexibility and versatility for the vehicle commander. It can be configured to enable assault operations for all types of targets including:

  • Wide bodied aircraft, including the upper deck of Boeing 747 and Airbus A380
  • Three storey buildings
  • Trains, coaches, buses and other single access points
  • Ships in port alongside a quay
  • Fast rope assault over walls and fences.