Guardian M-RAV

The latest in Multi-Role Armoured Vehicles

Customised to Deliver Operational Effectiveness

Jankel’s latest Guardian M-RAV builds upon the strengths of the proven Guardian family of vehicles, and is based upon the reliable and robust Ford F-Series Super Duty platform. Jankel upgrades and modifies the base vehicle to cater for the ballistic and blast protection levels required, and in order to offer a platform with enhanced mobility and manoeuvrability for use over varied terrains, superior payload and operational performance.

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The Guardian Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle (M-RAV) was originally developed by Jankel in 2005 in response to a requirement for a vehicle that could be utilised as a multi-role armoured platform for operational scenarios including:

  • Public order intervention
  • High readiness firearms support
  • Counter-terrorist assault
  • Convoy protection
  • Prisoner conveyance
  • Armoured EOD/C-IED

With an ability to accommodate up to ten crew members – two in the front and eight in the rear –the Guardian M-RAV can be easily configured to meet users’ exact operational requirements with the integration of sub-systems, technology and tactical features such as:

  • Tactical assault systems
  • Internal security systems
  • Gun ports on sides and rear of vehicle
  • 360º surveillance system
  • Weapon ring with hatch or protected closed cupola
  • Escape hatch in the roof of the vehicle
  • Emergency medical evacuation (Medevac) equipment
  • EOD/C-IED equipment
  • CBRN equipment