Guardian CTAV

The new generation Counter-Terrorist Assault Vehicle

Jankel’s Guardian Counter-Terrorist Assault Vehicle (C-TAV) is a combined tactical intervention and armoured assault vehicle, complete with an enhanced Patriot3 Mobile Adjustable Ramp System (MARS), and a Jankel upgraded and modified, fully integrated Ford F-Series Super Duty platform.

Guardian C-TAV offers special forces and law enforcement SWAT teams a truly class-leading platform with levels of protection, assault capability, payload and operational efficiency that are not found with comparable products on the market.

Guardian C-TAV uses Patriot3’s state of the art MARS to enable rapid deployment for elevated tactical assault and entry operations. Jankel has a long standing, close relationship with Patriot3, and holds exclusivity for the UK supply of its MARS system. To find out more about MARS, visit

Developed for the Operators Who Need it Most

Guardian C-TAV has been developed in direct conjunction with leading specialist user groups over the years to accurately meet and respond to the real scenarios and threats that they face in high threat counter-terrorist and security operations around the world.

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This is an operationally proven platform with an ability to accommodate up to twelve crew members – two in the front and ten in the rear – that benefits from the following protection and key platform equipment features and options:

  • The highest levels of ballistic and blast protection afforded to a platform of this size and role
  • An ability to assault from within the vehicle directly onto the ramp system, without compromising operators’ safety by exiting the vehicle
  • Jankel can offer customers either the hydraulically operated dual ramp MARS, or the latest generation hydraulically operated single ramp – MARS – developed to suit more urban applications
  • Integrated electrical systems for tactical operations, including but not limited to observation and communication suites
  • An extensive list of modular tactical options available for customisation to meet exact end user requirements
  • The MARS design allows easy installation and removal from Guardian C-TAV, enabling the vehicle to fill alternate roles, giving operators maximum flexibility and versatility
  • The ability to be stowed within most military grade transport aircraft for air transportability
  • A wealth of independent test data for the platform in all loading conditions, from both a road registration standpoint, and for operational effectiveness