VR7 Armoured
Toyota LC300

VR7 Armoured Toyota LC300

A Trusted and Certified Solution Designed to Last 10 Years

Engineered to last, with safety first and to the very latest international VPAM certification requirements.

Delivering unprecedented levels of protection, functionality and reliability, based upon over 25 years of supplying vehicles to a multitude of global defence ministries and Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s).

The only VR7 solution available on the market to have passed VPAM ERV Edition 3 at 2m standoff

Designed to maintain vehicle durability and longevity and inclusive of key customer requirements and options such as:

  • Electrical plug and play approach to wiring loom allowing for spiral upgrades.
  • Protection for ever increasing power requirements.
  • Improved ergonomics and tactical configurations
  • Modular, bolt-in armoured solution allowing for increased protection options including VR9.
  • Enhanced Cyber security options to mitigate emerging threats.