Protected Toyotas
(76, 78, 79, Hilux)

Protected Toyotas (76, 78, 79, Hilux)

The protected utility fleet

The Toyota vehicles armoured by Jankel are selected for their proven ability to keep going under the strains of the armour upgrades and often with little support in harsh terrain. Jankel applies over 20 years of modifying Toyota chassis coupled with the latest armouring techniques and standards to provide robust and protected vehicles for your extended use.

Jankel armoured Toyotas

Our Toyota Family of Protected Vehicles offers a Flexible, Reliable Way to Protect Your People and are Specifically Designed for use as:

  • Humanitarian patrol vehicles in hostile environments
  • VIP escort vehicles complete with electronic counter-measures
  • Covert operations and reactive intervention vehicles

Renowned for their robust reliability and extensive spares support network, the Toyota Land Cruiser and Hilux have been used in the most remote and hostile areas of the world for many years.

Jankel Builds on These Capable and Rugged Vehicle Platforms:

  • Logistics support available in many theatres worldwide enabling ease of deployment and servicing
  • QinetiQ-approved armour specification to BRV 2009 VR7 (B6), meeting the protection requirements of the United Nations for blast and ballistic threats
  • A discreet, low-profile appearance which blends into urban traffic flows
  • Fuel capacity, payload and specification enabling a wide range of user missions over varied terrain of up to 1,000km with 5-13 crew
  • Simple vehicle mechanics with simple engine management or diagnostics systems
  • Various options from 24V electrical system and Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) suite to diff locks and mobility upgrades

Armoured Toyota 78

With the Toyota Land Cruiser 78, we offer a 13-seater protected people carrier, developed for personnel patrol and transportation in hostile environments. This adaptable vehicle can also be modified into a front-line protected ambulance or casevac vehicle. A unique protected vehicle, it is in line with the latest health and safety standards and safe for use on public highways around the world.

Armoured Toyota 79

The Toyota 79 platform provides both a single and double cab pickup platform providing a protected utility vehicle with more than a tonne of payload. The same platform has been modified by Jankel for military users for more than 15 years and continues to form the basis of our FOX Long Range Patrol Vehicle.

Armoured Toyota 76

The Toyota 76 is an agile five-seat five-door vehicle known through the world for its ability to keep on going in all circumstances. Many armoured Toyota 76 vehicles produced by Jankel more than 10 years ago are still operating in some of the most hostile environments, supported by our dedicated Through Life Support Team.

Armoured Toyota Hilux

When you need a utility vehicle that blends in with the environment, the Toyota Hilux is an obvious choice. The latest Toyota Hilux is stronger than ever and more than capable of holding the additional weight of the armour system designed by Jankel, producing the best protection matched by an optimal payload. The upgraded suspension and chassis have been through rigorous testing by Jankel and independent test houses to ensure that the vehicle meet the needs of both military and civilian operations.