Tactical and protected vehicles that work hard in the field

Our vehicles are in military operation around the world, giving the edge to, and protecting personnel as they undertake complex and dangerous missions.

Every vehicle that leaves our production line is rigorously tested to ensure that it can perform time after time in hostile environments, whilst offering ergonomic comfort and in-the-field usability to drivers and passengers.

Designed to Protect, Built to Last

Our armoured vehicles are designed to offer maximum protection without compromising on manoeuvrability and performance. Building on robust off-the-shelf chassis, we use our considerable blast-mitigation and ballistics know-how to build protection into your vehicles within strict weight and shell requirements – and to all relevant national and international military standards.

Our Risk, Your Reward

Over the years, we’ve invested in armouring and mobility innovations that improve survivability, agility and through-life performance. Constantly researching and testing new and inventive ways of doing things, we push boundaries on weight, power, and production methods. Using comprehensive test data to ensure our developments will work effectively in the field, we take these innovations and apply them to our products, giving you the highest levels of protection and performance, at the most affordable price, with high confidence that any risks have been minimised.

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