Law Enforcement
And Security

Law Enforcement And Security

Giving the operator the advantage they need

Having supplied to the law enforcement and security sector for more than than 20 years, we have seen threats and the operational environment change. What hasn’t changed is our focus and ability to deliver operational advantage at an affordable price.

Our work varies from highly specialist vehicles for tactical intervention and hostage rescue requirements to fleets of protected vehicles for security management.

Making the Most of Your Budget

We know that security budgets are increasingly constrained by cost. We also know that you want to offer your personnel the very best protection and capability you can afford. Our experience in armoured vehicle design and worldwide production means we have the know-how and scalability to offer the highest levels of protection within tight budget parameters.

Our facilities in the UK, USA and Jordan, and our ability to set up in-country production, means we can find the most cost-effective ways to deliver to your requirements. What’s more, we have the creativity to offer tailored solutions for your specification that help to reduce costs without affecting performance.

Through-Life Support

All our vehicles and sub-systems come with comprehensive warranties and support solutions. Our Integrated Logistic Support team, alongside our service and maintenance department, offer thorough training on our vehicles when they are delivered. They also allow us to support your fleet and your people through our network of approved repairers across the life of the platform – giving you in-country support wherever you are. That means you can extend the life of your vehicles as well as limit the burden dramatically for the in-country fleet managers, delivering excellent value for money to your organisation.

Being operationally effective, whilst also providing vital protection to your people, is paramount to your organisation’s success when working in complex or hostile situations. Choose Jankel for a partnership that offers advice, expertise, lifetime support and confidence in delivering the product you need.