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Business Partnerships

Business to
Business Partnerships


Our engineering ingenuity and in-depth understanding of blast mitigation and ballistics protection makes us ideally placed to partner with OEMs and other commercial partners on a wide range of programmes.

Build on Our Expertise

We are an agile partner, readily adapting to programme change and able to work with a range of other contractors to deliver to specification. Strict internal processes and controls mean that we are set up and ready to work to strict gateway processes that give our customers complete confidence and visibility in our ability to perform and manage risk effectively.

Read about our partnership with a major OEM for a bespoke turret seat.

Commercially-driven, we are cost-competitive and creative – looking for solutions that meet requirements whilst taking opportunities to reduce costs through careful selection of materials, application of existing expertise and a broad vision of what is possible.

Put us to the Test

We’re used to building products that last for years in active service and where protection, comfort and usability are the key drivers in design and development. Rigorous and thorough testing is part of every project we complete, ensuring that each design meets commercial and military standards before going into production.

Our collaborative and supportive approach makes us a valuable partner in any project and B2B customers and OEMs return to us for our expertise, leading technologies, serious approach and ability to deliver.

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