Case Studies

Our protection expertise in practice

The best way to find out more about what we do is to hear from our customers. We’ve put together a set of case studies that demonstrate our capabilities across all our markets, sharing how we use our engineering and market expertise to design, build, supply and support our customers, delivering the best in protection vehicles and systems.

Take a look at our work in B2B Partnerships, find out more about Military Delivery and see how our In-country Support services work in practice.


Client: NIMR, United Arab Emirates

Project: Complete armoured crew compartment system with high level of protection, yet discrete appearance

Project length: 15 months

The background

NIMR was asked by a military VIP to provide a highly-armoured vehicle, blast mitigation and ballistic performance, but that did not have a raised profile over other military vehicles in its class when considering the high level of protection this platform would employ.

Having worked with Jankel before on the supply of BLASTech mitigation seating into their JAIS 4×4 and 6×6 platforms, NIMR approached us for a specification that would deliver these exacting requirements.

We suggested a bespoke, cost-effective solution based on our experience of armouring vehicles, developing seats and designing systems integration, and were chosen to work on the project.

The Challenge

Adding significant armour to a vehicle chassis is a delicate balance. The weight and placement of the armour must be carefully calculated so that it not only offers the highest protection, but does not adversely affect the mobility or operational safety of the vehicle. To achieve this on a light military chassis makes it a significant challenge to solve.

In order to design the armoured protection, we needed to understand the constraints of the chosen chassis and consider the best materials to use and how to use them. We certainly needed to innovate how to reduce the armour material profile to make the product blend in with those around it. Finally we needed to consider the internal trim and system requirements, so that the vehicle met the exacting VIP Customer needs in full – a huge challenge on its own that required a company with the right level of trim experience.

  • High levels of protection using composite armour materials

  • Fully integrated into the OEM vehicle platform and suitable for the GVW and vehicle automotive systems.

  • Fully integrated VIP interior and life supporting sub-systems

Why Jankel?

Our OEM partnerships benefit from all the expertise and experience we have from designing and building high-performance armoured solutions and specialist blast or ballistic sub-systems. In this case, NIMR needed a partner who understood the capabilities and performance of a range of armour options and was able to provide a complete crew compartment that met the end-client’s standards inside and out.

We were able to demonstrate not just innovation in design, but close control of development processes, and an intensive testing regime, giving NIMR confidence that the delivered product would meet all the relevant regulations.

Customised turret seat for major project partner

The background

Our client is involved with a large, long-term contract to provide a family of armoured fighting vehicles to a national army. The family, which comprises six variants of vehicle, is developed on an adaptable and capable common base platform and provides troops with state-of-the-art protection.

Our client was contracted to provide the turret system for this family of vehicles and in turn, through a formal tender and bid process, contracted Jankel to provide bespoke turret seating. After three years in development, this project is now in the four-year production phase, and will deliver a total of 494 seats by 2023.

The Challenge

The certification standards for this type of seating application are high. Our client was looking for a latest-generation seat that met exacting requirements for occupation safety, ergonomics, vibration reduction and functionality.

We needed to be able to work with the client’s strict internal control processes, which in turn needed to meet those set out by the end-client. This included controls at specific points in the design and testing process, and stage reviews to prove compliance and obtain the relevant certification. It was vital to ensure that our own internal processes were able to meet these standards at every stage of the project.

The Solution

We worked in close partnership with the client, developing the turret seat as they developed the actual turret. This was important because any variations in the design of one element could have a knock-on effect on the other. By establishing clear and open communications between us, and by planning regular design and development reviews, we were able to ensure that our work was always in line with progress on the turret.

Design, build and production of the turret seats has all taken place in the UK. The result of this close design collaboration and the high level of specification is an ergonomically-designed seat that helps to reduce vibration during vehicle movement and allows the operator to move and work smoothly and efficiently.

Why Jankel?

Our expertise in seat design, blast mitigation and innovative sub-systems solutions made us the ideal choice for this project. The client was looking for a contractor that not only had the skills and knowledge to produce a seat to its detailed specifications, but could work to all the controls that come as part of a major OEM programme.

Our market reputation for agility and our ability to adapt to change during a long-term programme is also a benefit for this type of project. OEMs understand that they can rely on us to work in partnership with them, and to the exacting standards they require.

A truly modular tactical vehicle solution

Client: Belgian Ministry of Defence

Project: 199 modular Light Troop Transport Vehicles

Project length: Ongoing

The background

Jankel had already managed a successful project with the Belgian Ministry of Defence (BeMoD), supplying more than 100 Rapid Response Vehicles for use by the country’s Special Forces. So, when BeMoD tendered for troop transportation vehicles that could be used in a wide variety of theatres and needed adaptability and agility, Jankel jumped at the challenge.

The Challenge

Our client wanted a brand new fleet of specialist tactical troop vehicles that could perform a number of functions from simple troop transport to medical support. They wanted a truly modular solution that integrated a variety of rear hamper designs and associated military sub-systems, and could be interoperable with the previously supplied Fox Rapid Reaction Vehicles.

The solution

Using the renowned Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG platform, our team of design engineers created a modular vehicle solution that uses a unique removable mission module approach for tactical vehicle design to allow each platform to be repurposed depending on operational requirements.

The platform grants high payload, high mobility and high integrated power, alongside the following features and equipment:

  • Modular rear hamper designs: troop transport, special operations, medical support, and load carrying

  • Removable ballistic protection kit

  • Roll-over protection system

  • Weapon mounts

  • Smoke grenade launchers

  • Fitted for communications equipment

This was a high value-for-money proposition, based on listening carefully and responding to customer needs to work towards meeting their technical expectations in full.

Fast turnaround and localised build of military tactical vehicles

Client: Technamm for French Special Forces

Project: Long Range Patrol Vehicle (LRPV)

Project length: 8 months

The background

We had an existing partnership and route to market with French vehicle specialist, Technamm. So, when an urgent need arose to deliver a fleet of Long Range Patrol Vehicles to the French Special Forces on tight timescale for operations in challenging environments including West Africa, Jankel’s Fox family of tactical vehicles was the obvious choice.

The Challenge

The vehicles were needed to fill an urgent requirement in a short timescale. They were required to be built in France and needed to operate reliably in both urban and rural areas. Using our standard Fox LRPV platform, we needed to work with Technamm to configure the vehicles to the French military’s requirements, including driver and crew protection, a range of weaponry platforms and agile manoeuvrability performance.

The solution

We worked with Technamm to ensure that the vehicles could be built at its facility in the south of France under licence from us. The LRPV we designed can carry up to six occupants over longer distances than standard tactical vehicles. We added configurable weapon mounts at locations around the platform and ensured that it offered both the protection and agility required by the forces on the ground. Enabling Technamm to work under licence meant that the partnership could deliver our vehicles to the French End User quickly, meeting their urgent requirements.

“We have developed a great partnership with Jankel and are really pleased that this has already led to us winning contracts with the French Government. We manufactured the bespoke Fox vehicles at our factory in Lambesc and they are now in operation with our customer.”

Christian Reverdy, Managing Director of Technamm