Special Development

Special Development Unit

Prototype and new concept development

Our Special Development Unit is a dedicated in-house team that focuses on solving customer needs on a fast turnaround basis – ideal for rapid prototyping at the start of a long-term project, or for proof-of-concept to help customers see what kinds of solutions are possible.

Sub-system Level Intelligence

Our engineering expertise, alongside our protection and mobility capabilities, works at the early stages of a programme to explore and test sub-systems to de-risk and verify before moving onto more final or system level product design and production.

A Flexible Approach

The Unit works on programmes of all types – from a two-month prototype turnaround to a one-off specialist project. Our approach means that our customers get results faster, lowering risk and giving an excellent indication of what the full programme will achieve.

Find out how we customised a VIP vehicle for NIMR.

Development Examples:

  • Early-programme prototyping
  • Sub-system verification
  • Survivability design improvements
  • Fast-reaction but capable demonstrators
  • Platform capability upgrades