Proprietary Delivery

Proprietary Delivery Processes

A tried and tested delivery process that works

Our bespoke internal delivery process is designed to allow us to run every project in a transparent, measurable and focused way, ensuring we meet customer and market expectations.

What is Jankel H-Plan?

Jankel H-Plan is our proprietary delivery process, designed specifically for the complex projects we run. It includes customised tools that give us strong control over quality, budget, scheduling and specification. These tools are completely flexible, so we can adapt H-Plan to suit the needs of every project we take on.

An End-to-End Systems Approach

Our internal processes are designed to take both our project teams and our customers all the way through a project – from initial bid to final delivery. Where we come into a project at a different stage or with different requirements, our process tools are adapted to meet those particular needs.

All About Delivery

Delivering to our clients is what drives our business. With regular reports and gateways so that customers can see the progress of their programme at any point, and with a full commitment to working to these processes to produce the best possible result, the Jankel H-Plan puts us at the forefront of the specialist protection market.

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