Refurbishment &

Refurbishment & Storage

Extend the life of your Fleet

Our refurbishment programmes extend the life of specialist vehicles, helping you get the most value from your fleet.

Applicable to any fleet, the cost-effective life extension of an armoured vehicle is essential in order to maintain equipment, maximise customer budgets and, with the introduction of common components across a disparate fleet, simplifies fleet management.

Vehicle refurbishment can be performed at any of our manufacturing facilities, at a Jankel Approved Repairer site or, subject to the depth of refurbishment, in the field at a customer site. All our vehicle refurbishments are provided with warranties and include a full service prior to return.

Refurbished vehicles can either return to service or form contingency stock ready for use in the event an operational vehicle is out of service for an extended period.

We also offer secure storage facilities for any vehicle, whether excess or contingency stock, with vehicle availability within 72 hours. Any remaining warranty is protected during storage periods and vehicles are regularly maintained ensuring they are ready for use at all times.

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