Environmental Commitment


We have a strong history of commitment to excellence in everything we do. That means we have responsibility to reflect this commitment in the way we protect the environment, both locally and globally, and to ensure our values are reflected in our processes. We are committed to leading our industry in minimising the impact of activities on the environment.

Operating in line with ISO 14001, we are always looking for ways to do things better and strive to make Jankel a best-practice company wherever possible.

To view our Carbon Reduction Plan please see below click here

To Achieve This We Will:

  • Actively manage our procedures to minimise the use of raw materials and energy
  • Minimise toxic emissions through careful selection of our vehicle technology and power sources
  • Source and promote products that minimise the environmental impact of our production and distribution processes
  • Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to us
  • Actively minimise greenhouse gas emissions and use carbon off-setting where appropriate
  • Engage employees in improving our environmental practices and encourage suggestions for improvement