Here at Jankel we have been designing, building, delivering and supporting Hot-Formed Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser LC200s for 11 years. Over 800 vehicles have been sold to clients across 25 countries delivering protection where it’s needed, achieving mission success.

The Toyota LC200 has been THE global vehicle of choice for Civilian Armoured Vehicle (CAV) applications and it is estimated that there are over 10,000 in service across the globe being used primarily by Government and Non-Government organisations, operating in hostile and harsh environments.

All indications suggest the Toyota LC200 is due to go out of production and will be replaced with a new model. Here at Jankel we’re already working on our plans to develop solutions to armour Toyota’s replacement for the LC200 but it remains a concern that there could be a gap between the current LC200 going out of production and the new model being developed, tested, certified, built and ready to be used. At Jankel we’re expecting this gap to be ‘up to’ two years although, we’ll be doing everything we can to reduce that.

In the interim, we’re offering current fleet owners the opportunity to buy the existing LC200 ‘up front’ to ensure there are no gaps in capability during the transition period and to help maintain fleet commonality for as long as possible. Post-production, we’re expecting global stock to reduce fairly rapidly so to forward buy the vehicles required to fill the gap, will enable fleet owners to better protect their position.

What we’re calling “act now – armour later” is a scheme to purchase LC200s now and then have them stored up to the point that they require armouring, before then entering service. The scheme is flexible and can be tailored to meet a customer’s specific needs.

If you think this scheme is of interest to you then please do get in contact with the team at Jankel to discuss your requirements and to explore the potential solutions.

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