Worldwide, lifetime vehicle support from Jankel

Our customers operate in dangerous environments and tough theatres. Even when used in peace-keeping or charitable missions, our vehicles are subject to rough terrain, thousands of miles of constant use, and lots of opportunity for damage. That’s why we never sell a vehicle and walk away. Instead, we operate a global, lifetime vehicle support package that kicks in the moment your order is placed and runs throughout the operational lifetime of the vehicle. What does our support look like? We believe in supporting our customers at all levels and in any environment. With a worldwide support network, including the ability to send engineers direct to site if required, our offering is comprehensive and gives absolute confidence in our ability to keep you on the road. Here’s how we do it:
  • When we deliver – we never just ship and move on. We have a dedicated handover system where we commission the vehicle fleet with you, making sure your team gets familiar with the vehicle so it can be used straight away. We also familiarise you with our recommended maintenance procedures so you can keep things running smoothly.
  • Targeted training – if you’d like your vehicle operators to be fully trained in the operation and maintenance of your fleet, we can do that. And not just when your fleet is first deployed – we’ll also train throughout the life of the vehicle, so that new operators or people used to other vehicles are fully trained at all times.
  • Warranties – all our fleets come with warranty protection, and that protection can be extended before the end of the original warranty period if you choose. Our warranties are comprehensive and designed to give you real protection – not just on paper.
  • Worldwide service and maintenance – working from convenient bases across the world, we offer full service and maintenance to our customers. We have an approved repairer network, and can service and maintain non-Jankel vehicles too. Most of our work is done on a contract basis, so that you know you can rely on us.
  • Spare parts – getting parts into the field is vital to our customers’ operations, which is why we have logistics hubs in the UK, USA and the Middle East, and arrangements with key OEMs. We cover all routine service parts and specialist parts such as ballistic glass and suspension packs. We work with a range of reliable parts suppliers to ensure we can deliver what you need, when you need it.
  • Internal process support – to make sure that you are able to undertake as much as possible of the general maintenance and operation of your vehicles, our team offers dedicated process and training support, including contributing to manuals, safety analysis, maintenance scheduling and more.
Keeping you on the move Our job is to supply you with hard-working, hard-wearing vehicles for hostile environments – and then to ensure that those vehicles can do their job day-in, day-out. Our comprehensive Through-life Support packages give you confidence in our vehicles and in our partnership with you. To find out more about how we support our customers, contact us today.
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