The perfect combination of practicality, performance and protection

The Fox fleet of light tactical 4 x 4 vehicles combines the strengths and reliabilities of a trusted OEM platform with enhancements that have never been seen before on a commercially available base vehicle. It’s got the heart and soul of a Toyota, with the OE reliability, durability and customisation that brings. And now it comes with increased agility and modularity, bringing off-road performance and weight-carrying capacity that exceeds all expectations. When you drive a Fox from Jankel you:
  • Get a vehicle configured to your exact requirements
  • Combine OEM commonality with Jankel’s custom enhancements for unparalleled off-road performance
  • Realise new tactical and product growth potential from leading weight-carrying capacity
  • Benefit from through-life cost savings
  Jankel ConOps LLTV Jankel ConOps RRV
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The Fox Family of Vehicles