Can your CAV handle the road as well as a bullet?

A new Publicly Available Standard will have some questions for up-armoured vehicles. Did you know that the extra weight of armour and other equipment can make civilian
armoured vehicles (CAV's) unsafe on roads?
PDF for the self assessment
Did you know that there is no standard by which vehicle assessments are made, after vehicles have been up-armoured? At the end of 2016/early 2017, a new Publicly Available Standard (PAS) will be available to test the automotive capability of civilian up-armoured vehicles. It will check for performance and payload and check the handling of vehicles in armoured form. You may be concerned to know how your existing fleet matches up to the forthcoming Publicly Available Standard 301. Our simple self-assessment checklist will help you identify  where your existing fleet may not be road safe, what to do in that case, and what to look for in any new vehicles.

Based on the likely standards in the forthcoming PAS 301 standard, answer each question yes, no or don't know as far as you are able:

Payload Tests

  • Is the vehicle weight plate data suitable for your requirements?
  • Are the wheels specified appropriately for the vehicle weights and performance requirement?
  • Are the tyres specified appropriately for the vehicle weights and performance requirement


  • Is the vehicle's maximum speed suitable for your requirements?
  • Are the tyres specified appropriately for the vehicle maximum speed?
  • Is the in-gear acceleration acceptable for the vehicle application?


  • Has the suspension been appropriately upgraded to cope with mass and centre of gravity changes?
  • Has the increased vehicle mass made the steering too heavy?
  • Does the vehicle exhibit excessive under or over steer?


  • Have the brakes been upgraded to suit the increased vehicle mass?
  • Have the brakes been approved to a recognised test standard for up-armoured vehicles?
  • Do the brakes exhibit brake fade when subjected to multiple consecutive stops?

Run Flats

  • Do you have run flats fitted?
  • Are they rated to the vehicle mass?
  • Is the run flat speed and distance rating acceptable for the vehicle's assignment?