Partner Collaboration

Whatever your problem, Jankel will solve it

OEMs who need a trusted partner rely on Jankel for our ability to develop cutting edge, fully integrated solutions that position our partners to win. We go further than the brief, adding value each time as we challenge ourselves to drive innovation for Jankel, our partners and our industry. With over 200 (and counting) solutions to some of the trickiest industry challenges, our comprehensive knowledge means the answer may already be on our shelves or within our research programme.

What you can expect when you partner with us:

International capability - local knowledge
Ensuring local sourcing through technology transfer to local companies so your bids are cost effective and meet sourcing criteria Timely, cost saving delivery
We have all services under one roof so can quickly and cost effectively deliver your solution throughout the project lifecycle - prototype, testing, costing, modelling solution
A team of experts at your side
We keep going until the job is more than done.  With 10% of our profits invested into R&D every year.  We know what works and how to get the answer to meet your brief
With an impressive and proven track record
Innovative solutions and partnering with the industry's best
The next big idea to table before anyone else
We are respected and trusted partners on government research initiatives so have a deep understanding of industry trends
Proactive partnering
We work with all stakeholders to challenge and be challenged with a commitment to exceed expectation
Peace of mind in the process
In depth understanding of your processes means we know how to simplify the supply chain and ensure a smooth journey from idea to delivery