Julie Taylor

New Levels of IED Protection Achieved by Jankel

Jankel has reached a new industry standard in the on-going drive to offer extra protection against IEDs and roadside bombs to troops and civilians in the field. Adhering to current standards for enclosed civilian armoured vehicles (CAVs) means that at a minimum, personnel are protected from a 15kg blast at 4 metres away.  Some companies have been able to go further and offer protection from a 15kg blast at 2 metres away. (15kg relates to the amount of TNT (or equivalent) used in the explosion.)
Qinetic certificate of conformity
Now Jankel has completed and passed comprehensive tests to increase the protection level to a 25kg blast detonated 2 metres away. Protection is everything for any organisation tasked with sending their people into hostile territories, and this proven capability now offers a new level of protection to bring added safety to people in dangerous situations, and without compromise on cost.  Lee Palmer, Jankel Chief Engineer said “Jankel has a reputation for driving new and creative ways to bring improvements.  We are always looking to increase protection levels or bring safety enhancements. Having passed a test at this level means we bring extra and much needed protection improvements to people operating in high risk areas.” Jankel passed the AEP-55 Vol 3 side blast test occupant survivability requirements which is itself a rare achievement. The test was conducted in accordance with the requirements of NATO AEP-55 STANAG 4569, NATO’s Standardization Agreement covering standards for the "Protection Levels for Occupants of Logistic and Light Armoured Vehicles”.  The standard covers strikes from Kinetic Energy, artillery, and IED blast.
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