New Certification Level Achieved for the Jankel Hot-Formed Armoured LC200

Jankel’s flagship civilian armoured vehicle has always provided the best levels of protection for its occupants. Now those protection levels have been officially recognised by a British Standard as the Jankel Hot-formed LC200 becomes one of the first vehicles to achieve the vigorous PAS 301 certification. The Publicly Available Standard has been released in response to a growing need to ensure up-armoured vehicles are able to stand up to more than just a ballistic threat. As a result of armour-plating installation which affects weight and the centre of gravity, vehicles now need to be certified that they can still meet basic road-handing and safety checks. (For more detail on this, see Jankel’s checklist to ensure a vehicle meets basic safety levels). The Jankel Hot-formed LC200 has met and in some cases exceeded the standards required.  For example, the vehicle achieved excellent ratings on handing and braking results, and ‘extremely high’ ratings on safety factors. "We really tested ourselves by submitting our highest gross vehicle weight (GVW) vehicle for testing" said Charlotte Costello, Jankel’s Key Account Manager. "We’ve been advocating the need for a road-safety standard for some time. Now it’s been published, it was important for us that we put our ultimate vehicle to the test.  Naturally we are thrilled that it passed with flying colours". Protection levels and ensuring the right vehicle for the job are cornerstones of our sales information to customers. Jankel equips customers with the right questions to ask to ensure they procure a vehicle that is not just up to the job, but also the location and the environment it will face.  The PAS 301 certification now brings peace of mind that a vehicle is safe and fit-for-purpose; the Jankel Hot-formed LC200 is a great demonstration of that certification in action. Questions to ask
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