NAUTech Seating


NAUTech Seating by Jankel is our latest innovation in protection solutions, bringing to the market a revolutionary approach to marine suspension seating in the fight to provide optimum protection against Whole Body Vibrations (WBV) and the severe loads experienced by boat crew. The NAUTech Seating system has the following revolutionary features:
  • Three independent sprung elements with no fixed centre of roll to provide patented mitigating performance against severe vibration and shock loads no matter what the wave action/load direction on the seat
  • The system consists of composite fibres with inbuilt damping; therefore no conventional dampers with their associated issues are used
  • Another unique element via an exclusive agreement with Park It Here ( is the incorporation of an air bladder seat cushion that further reduces the low level vibrations and discomfort to users
  • NAUTech seats are available in a variety of configurations including jockey, crew and helmsman. Additionally Jankel can customise solutions to particular customer requirements
  • Superior protection proven in independent trials conducted by the University of Southampton in line with the latest marine performance test protocols
  • Jankel’s jockey seat also contains flexible side wings that innovatively restrain the user. The occupant sits in a natural relaxed position and by simply tensing their arms ‘lock’ safely into the seat
The NAUTech seating system has been developed with the assistance of current international leaders in WBV studies, as well as with user input from seven times world offshore powerboat champion Neil Holmes.   Patent(s) Applied For: UK Patent Application No. 1400914.6 and UK Patent Application No. 1323067.7