Luxury Transport

Jankel believe that protected travel should not forgo the requirement for quality or luxury. Delivering truly unique and desirable products where contemporary comfort meets the very latest in protection performance. Since 1955 Jankel has designed and developed bespoke, high performance, luxury vehicles for a variety of customers. Providing world leading capability teamed with the finest British craftsmanship. Jankel’s protected VIP vehicles bring together comfort, space and complete protection, offering multiple configurations to meet exact requirements. Rigorously tested and independently certified to ensure the optimum occupant protection against blast and ballistic threats to B4+ armoured protection level. Each of Jankel’s VIP solutions is a truly unique offering, optimising protection and functionality with performance, quality and luxury finish. From military conversation for some of the most advanced armoured vehicle platforms in the world to protected LandCruisers with increased security options. Each specialist armoured and protection system delivers exacting standards and specifications, to utilise the very best in Jankel’s capabilities, creating the ultimate protection solution: luxury inside, a discreet appearance externally.