Julie Taylor

Jankel reaffirms UK as major production base

Jankel Armouring Ltd, the world-class protection systems specialist, has increased its UK production facility and its workforce as a result of growth in projects around the world. The company is expanding its Small Dole facility in West Sussex just 18 months after opening a manufacturing division at the site. This expansion puts the company’s UK production at the heart of the global company’s operation, with the majority of all production now undertaken across its two UK sites in Surrey and West Sussex, alongside sister facilities in Jordan and the USA. This exceptional UK growth is a direct result of the company being selected for a range of prestigious international projects, including a recent New Zealand Defence Force contract.
An image of Jankel's expansion
The West Sussex facility will increase to 46,000ft2 and has already increased the workforce by 50% since this time last year. Jankel believes that further growth is likely, and that investment in the UK as its key production base will continue. Jankel designs, develops and builds state-of-the-art performance vehicles for military, security, international aid and NGO sectors across the world and its reputation means that its expertise and specialist production skills are in high demand. “We are delighted to be able to continue our investment in the Small Dole facility,” said Dan Crosby, Commercial Director at Jankel. “We have a dedicated, talented workforce in one of the best locations in the country, and we are continuing to keep our UK production at the forefront of our business plans for the future.”
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