Jankel and Aeroglow Explore Solutions to Combat Vibration and Blast

Occupants seated in military vehicles continue to face operational risks and long-term harm deriving from multi-axial shock and Whole Body Vibration (WBV) characteristics. Jankel and AeroGlow International (AGI) have undertaken a programme of work to investigate new solutions to mitigate these risks. 
A key aspect of this effort has focused on the recognition that during an event most often vehicles are moving, and / or, have the potential to ‘slam-down’ at any given angle post the event. It has become standard practice for nations to perform live blast trials to STANAG 4569 using the AEP 55 Vol. 2 Criteria, in a static condition for obvious practicality and repeatability reasons. As such, Jankel and AGI has been exploring the viability of a solution, - X-mount, to combat shock characteristics in all potential impact planes. In conducting this joint exercise, AGI has brought its innovative X-mount technology, to Jankel, a world leading supplier of blast mitigating seats actively investigating solutions to combat WBV, to explore its viability and capture feedback from military users.      What is X-mount? X-mount is a multi-axis (XYZ) shock attenuation system that had been designed for integration onto new and in-service crew seating systems. It’s a polymer based technology with no active mechanical parts, using proprietary elastomer suppressors to give a smooth damping response. As a team, Jankel and AGI have conducted drop testing (to replicate a blast event), as well as undertaking a promising initial 3000-mile endurance trial alongside the British Army, Armoured Trials & Development Unit (ADTU) at Bovington in Dorset that reported a 26% improvement in WBV characteristics. Jankel and AGI will be displaying the X-mount at the forthcoming DVD event at Millbrook on the Jankel stand, to gather feedback from users and UK MoD as to how this new technology could benefit current and future armoured vehicle fleets.
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