Capabilities | Electrical Systems Integration

Jankel has a wealth of experience integrating a vast range of electrical and electronic systems into automotive vehicle platforms.
  • From initial concept and prototype through to full production intent electrical systems for consistent build quality and future proofing of customer vehicles
  • All electrical systems design is conducted utilising state-of-the-art electrical design software, which gives Jankel the ability to fully simulate vehicle electrical systems prior to a prototype phase 
  • Jankel ensures a close technical collaboration with equipment suppliers to minimise risks normally associated with adding electrical and electronic systems


 Overview of capabilities

  • Complete vehicle electrical system design
  • Rapid prototyping of electrical systems
  • PCB prototyping and development
  • Communications equipment installation
  • Power management systems and distribution design and manufacture
  • EMC compliant vehicle platforms
  • Blue-light electrical installations
  • Military vehicle electrical system design and manufacture
  • Fully integrated electronic counter measures
  • Situational awareness integration
  • Automotive performance enhancements