Belgium special operations forces re-learn the possibilities of a militarised commercial vehicle and secure 108 Fox Rapid Response Vehicles (RRVs)

Belgium Defense Minister Steven Vandeput announced the order proclaiming the new vehicles "allow the Belgian army to enter the 21st century". The Fox fleet brings together Toyota's expertise in automotive technology and reliability, with Jankel's military protection and upgraded terrain performance.
The Fox is a very powerful vehicle. We were looking for this; a vehicle which is able to protect those who use itDefense Minister Vandeput
Hostile environments call for mobility, reliability and the tools and instincts to cope with what's ahead. Which is just what the Belgium Special Forces require from the Jankel Fox fleet. The vehicles weigh up to 4,500 kilograms and have a range of 1,296 kilometers which means they can be easily transported by helicopter.

The Fox RRVs for the Belgium Special Forces include:

20 year life expectancy / increased payload capability Automatic transmission CH - 47 transportation Climatic Category A1 - C2 
  • Battery monitoring system
  • 12V/24VDC
  • 7.62 weapon mount capability
38 Removable Protection Kils 
  • Zoned ballistic protection in accordance with STANAG 4569 IAW AEP 55
  • Blast protection in accordance with STANAG 4569 IAW AEP 55
  • Storage for Removable Protection Kits
60 Ring mounts 
  • Mounting 12.7mm and Automatic Grenade Launcher
Smoke Grenade launchers 
  • 76mm capable of firing DM 15 and DM35 smoke grenades
  • High coverage visual smoke screen
  • Installation kit for Govemment furnished VHF and HF comms
  • Sat Phone Installation kit
  • GPS receiver installation kit
  • Associated antennas