Spare Parts

Supported by logistic hubs in the UK, US and Middle East, and with supply chain partnerships with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), Jankel is an efficient and cost effective one-stop-shop for all spare parts. Supplied to satisfy an individual need, as part of a deployment pack, or in support of a service and maintenance contract, Jankel is ready to solve any parts challenge quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. In addition to supplying spares parts for vehicles produced by Jankel, we also regularly supply parts for similar non-Jankel vehicles. Spare parts supplied include:
  • Ballistic glass
  • Upgraded suspension systems and components
  • Upgrade brake system parts and assemblies
  • Individual wheel, tyre and run-flat devices
  • Complete wheel & tyre assemblies
  • Routine service parts (drive belts, filters, etc.)
  • Unscheduled repair parts

Jankel spare parts partners and suppliers include:

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