Approved Repairer Network

Jankel's Approved Repairer Network is a worldwide group of organisations who can provide specialised and skilled support as you need it. All our approved repairers are audited, accredited and security cleared by Jankel to ensure the expert care of your custom vehicle. When you use the services of a repairer approved by Jankel, you can be sure of:
  • Efficient warranty repairs and maintenance
  • Jankel warranty validity
  • Specialist knowledge on Jankel vehicles
  • Priority service
  • Vehicles properly repaired to a high standard
The Approved Repairer, usually a vehicle manufacturer main agent, will carry out all the repairs and maintenance needed to support the Jankel platform. They will also carry enough spare parts stock to service the fleet on the scheduled basis. Fleet specific training is provided to all Approved Repairers by Jankel, ensuring that vehicles are maintained in accordance with the original build configuration. Our Approved Repairers also hold a range of spares and tools to permit unplanned repair of Jankel additions to the platform. Jankel continues to work to establish Approved Repairers in close proximity to the customer fleet, whether at home or deployed, in accordance with the requirements of a Maintenance & Support Contract.
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